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Welcome to Greneker, the largest mannequin manufacture in Los Angles we are your one-stop destination for premium custom male, female, and child mannequins are tailored to elevate your retail experience. Our diverse range of mannequins and retail display solutions is designed to meet the unique needs of your store, drive mannequin retail sales, ensuring maximum visual impact and customer engagement.

Explore our extensive collection, including:

Custom Mannequin Heads: From classic to contemporary, our mannequin heads are meticulously crafted to showcase your merchandise with style and sophistication.

Fitness Mannequins: Highlight your activewear and fitness apparel with our dynamic fitness mannequins, designed to exude strength and energy. Our toned male mannequins and fit female mannequins are a gym friendly body conscious athletic squad of mannequins ideal for featuring athleisure apparel and gym accessories in your retail gym store.

Custom Mannequins: Bring your vision to life with our bespoke custom mannequin service, our custom mannequin design team uses the latest 3D scanning technology tailored to perfectly represent your brand aesthetic and identity.

Retro Mannequins: With a throw back to mid century modern mannequins the disco mannequins of the 1970s or 80s muse mannequins we can manufacture any decade or retro position heritage mannequins.

Mannequin Torsos: Perfect for showcasing tops, dresses, and accessories, our versatile torsos provide the ideal noble mannequin canvas for your merchandise.

Custom Retail Store Fixtures: Elevate your retail space with our customizable fixtures, designed to enhance product visibility and create immersive shopping experiences

Custom Retail Store Accessory Displays: From jewelry to handbags, our tailored accessory displays are crafted to accentuate the unique features of your products. We feature retail purse displays, retail handbag point of sale fixtures and jewelry displays for where ever your necklace or ringo position needs to customer face customers.

Tailor Forms and Dress Forms: Achieve precision fitting and display with our tailor forms and dress forms, our couture mannequins are essential tools for showcasing sartorial mannequin apparel in its best light.

Abstract Mannequins: Make a statement with our avant-garde abstract mannequins, perfect for capturing attention and sparking curiosity.

Specialty Mannequins: Explore our range of specialty obsession mannequins, including black, chrome, headless, and realistic options, to suit any aesthetic preference.

Curvy and Dad Bod Mannequins: Celebrate every body diversity and normal body mannequin inclusivity with our curvy and dad bod mannequins, designed to represent a variety of body types and sizes. Plus size mannequins feature voluptuous

Plush Mannequins: Soft and inviting, our plush mannequins add a playful touch to your children’s department, enticing young shoppers and parents alike.

Luxury Mannequins: sleek sexy mannequins feature sweeping curves that accentuate the female form as a true influencer mannequin would mimic high fashion mannequins runway models our studio mannequins are designed to display high end lingerie as well as bodywear forms for diverse attractive product presentation.

Yoga Mannequins: Inspire wellness and mindfulness with our yoga mannequins, expertly posed to showcase yoga apparel and accessories.

Sport Mannequins: feature muscle toned human forms to feature performance athleisure outdoor activity wears athletes mannequins are a great way to visually market athletic wear.

Adjustable and 3D Printed Mannequins: Experience flexibility and innovation with our adjustable and 3D printed mannequins, revolutionizing the way you display your merchandise.

Sustainable and Fabric Mannequins: Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly and fabric mannequins, crafted from recycled materials for a greener retail solution.

Pet Mannequins: Cater to pet lovers with our adorable dog and cat mannequins, perfect for showcasing pet apparel and accessories.

Custom Retail Store Displays: Transform your retail space with our custom displays, designed to optimize floor layout and drive sales.

Injection Molded Mannequins: Durable and high-quality, our injection molded mannequins offer longevity and reliability for long-term display needs.

At Greneker, we are committed to delivering excellence in atelier mannequin craftsmanship, innovation, and customer service. Contact us today to explore how our custom mannequins and retail solutions can elevate your brand and drive success in the competitive retail landscape.

Full Catalog

From mannequins to forms to displays, risers, urns, accessories, and everything in between the Greneker Mannequin Full Catalog showcases all of Greneker’s offerings.

Special Projects Catalog

Beyond mannequins, forms, and fixtures Greneker often undertakes a variety of Special Projects involving Custom Retail, Thematic Presentation, Custom Signage, and Exhibition. In our 75 years we have worked for fortune 500s, movie studios, and every high end fashion designer either directly or indirectly.

Archive Catalog

A, archival catalog showcasing just some of Greneker’s long 80 year history in mannequins, display forms, and visual display merchandising.

Greneker - Over 75 Years of History

For almost a century Greneker mannequins have been a merchandising visual display staple of fashion and sports apparel retailers. Fashions change over time, but ourproducts have always worn the clothing of the legendary retail brands.

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