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Learn about the newest innovations, emerging trends and the transformation of the physical store at GlobalShop. For more than 25 years GlobalShop has served as the retail industry’s largest annual design and merchandising trade show. In 2019 GlobalShop will be a part of the RetailX mega show. RetailX is the intersection for e-commerce, store design, and innovation. It means more knowledge, thought leaders, and design experts in one location. Greneker’s Virtual Showroom is where we provide our own GlobalShop innovations and expose them to the world wide web.

Inclusivity to Define 2019

Greneker Offers a Wide Spectrum of Inclusive Mannequins

Inclusivity is Innovation

Inclusion is more than just selling clothes in larger sizes. It’s offering quality clothing to these shoppers in the array of styles and price points offered to their straight-size counterparts. It’s showcasing women of all shapes and sizes as models and offering clothing to anyone, regardless of size. Greneker is here to help with a broad spectrum of display mannequins, in all sizes, to better reflect your customers.

Lead the Inclusion Effort

Produce clothes are for every shape, size, weight, ethnicity, identity, and ability, and display them with Greneker mannequins. Brands need to rethink what constitutes a medium when the average American woman is plus-size. Companies need to present more realistic images of plus-size models & mannequins as well.

More Than Just Dollar Signs

It’s important, though, that brands take time to acquaint themselves with the size inclusive community rather than just look at these customers as potential dollar signs. Brands that extend to plus must do their homework about the community or risk being called out for a lack of due diligence. Size inclusivity is more than just dollars, it is people, and mindful of all people and body types.

Inclusive Also Means Smaller

As straight-size retailers introduce plus collections, some retailers that started out as plus are branching out in both directions by adding both larger and smaller sizes. Whether you’re a size 2 or 32, you should be able to go into any store or any website to buy what you want. No matter the clothes you sell Greneker has mannequins to display, and to help you sell clothing of all sizes.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Press Coverage of Plus Sized Mannequins for the Fashion and Retail Industries

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Inclusive Mannequin Collections

Grande Dame
Size Inclusivity

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