Custom Display Portfolio

Greneker has completed a wide variety custom special projects from custom mannequins/forms, convention booths, outdoor signs, store displays, to entire flagship stores.

Display Portfolio

Some of our featured custom projects made for previous clients.

3D Rapid Development

Our Rapid Development Approach (RDA), the culmination of five years of perfecting digital technologies, utilizes advanced technology, customer collaboration and interdisciplinary expertise to create fast, cost efficient, and customized mannequins.

3D Rapid Development Benefits

  • weeks from concept to final product
  • endless poses to precise measurements
  • full scale prototypes within 48 hours
  • one-offs or mass production available
  • domestic and import production
  • minimized development cost

Greneker - Over 75 Years of History

For almost a century Greneker mannequins have been a merchandising visual display staple of fashion and sports apparel retailers. Fashions change over time, but ourproducts have always worn the clothing of the legendary retail brands.

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