A Century of Mannequins

Since 1885 Greneker has established a legacy of innovation. Since our first patent by Lillian Greneker in 1930 to our new Rapid Development Approach, Greneker continues to revolutionize display merchandising.

Greneker Products

Our proprietary poly-composite construction gives Greneker mannequins superior durability and long lasting beauty.


From fitness to fashion we offer a wide variety of styles and poses.
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Forms in various styles from 3/4, torso, to specialty form factors.
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Some of our featured custom projects made for previous clients.

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Greneker has a long history within industry and an experienced staff to help you.

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When off the shelf products don’t suit your needs we can help customize or build totally new products for you.

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Greneker - Over 75 Years of History

For almost a century Greneker mannequins have been a merchandising visual display staple of fashion and sports apparel retailers. Fashions change over time, but ourproducts have always worn the clothing of the legendary retail brands.

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